Posted by: chrissaurin | September 28, 2010


Had a lazy afternoon so went for a drive along the Kalgan. Found this Pelican chilling out on the remains of the old jetty next to the Lower Kalgan Bridge in the bright late afternoon sun.

Posted by: chrissaurin | September 5, 2010

Canola Crop

A bit of a panoramic of the Stirlings with the canola crop in the forground. This is a great time of year to get up to the Stirlings with the canola in flower. Hoping to get up tgain next week so stay posted.

Posted by: chrissaurin | September 5, 2010

I havn’t been on the blog for a while due to many commitments/excuses so have been shamed onto posting again. Went for a drive up to the Stirlings on Saturday to do some canola  pics and happened to bump into a mate and fellow blogger David Sobik on the only dirt road to nowhere.  I thought I had better put a couple of pics up for David to check out his bike against the Bluff Knoll backdrop.

Posted by: chrissaurin | June 24, 2010


Dew on olives one sunny June morning.

Posted by: chrissaurin | June 24, 2010

Canola Field

This was an early attempt at joining a few pictures together. We have a large printed copy up on a wall that looks pretty good. Field is in Franklandwhich is just over an hour north west of Albany.

Posted by: chrissaurin | June 24, 2010

Ship n Surf

Took this pic while walking along Middleton Beach one afternoon. Always a good idea to have the camera handy.

Posted by: chrissaurin | June 24, 2010

Cheynes 2 in June

We had some lovely weather down here so I paddled out to the Cheynes 2 (sitting on the harbour floor) to capture some more sunset shots. Even with no wind the canoe was hard to hold still.

Posted by: chrissaurin | June 8, 2010

Mt Barker Sunrise

Random sunrise and sunsets are hard as most of the time you have a great sky but nothing to frame it with. I had the case whilst driving to Perth one morning. Brilliant sky just north of Mt Barker but nothing to shoot  with it. Had a few minutes before the colours went but managed to find a windmill in a paddock. Its always handy to have the camera ready for those kodak moments.

Posted by: chrissaurin | June 7, 2010

Cheynes 2


Bow shot of Cheynes 2 moored in Princess Royal Harbour, slowly rotting away.

Posted by: chrissaurin | May 25, 2010

Rabbit Proof Fence

3 shots from my recent trip along the rabbit proof fence from the south coast up to Kalbarri. The 2 shots of the fence show the different colours of the soil as the fence receeds into the distance. The eagle was one of many encountered along the way. It was not easy getting off the motorbike and composing the pictures so I ended up with a lot of snapshots.

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